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Townhall Event

Feb 23, 2022

Introduction to FORCE: National User Facility for Multi-Anvil Press

Date: 2/23/2022, 10am-12pm MST, 9-11am PT, 12-2pm ET

Registration: (Zoom link will be sent after registration)

Organizers: S.-H. Dan Shim (; Kurt Leinenweber (PI of FORCE); A. Navrotsky (co-PI); Thomas Sharp (co-PI); David Smith (co-PI)

FORCE (Facility for Open Research in a Compressed Environment) has been funded by the National Science Foundation to establish a national high pressure user facility at Arizona State University (ASU). The primary scientific purpose of FORCE will be to study the properties of matter at extreme high pressure and high temperature. FORCE will provide a suite of facilities not previously available in the US, and these will be made openly available to users from the scientific community, including universities, national labs, and industry. This ambitious project will enable access to four major pieces of equipment:

(1) A 6000 ton press that will allow very large samples to be produced for a wide array of measurements and observations that cannot be made on smaller samples.

(2) A 2000-3000 ton press which is currently targeting more specialized purposes (such as deformation experiments, high throughput synthesis, or ultra-high pressure experiments).

(3) A torsional device for studying material behavior and phase transitions caused by rotational strain.

(4) A state-of-the-art high pressure gas apparatus for treating samples at up to 1 GPa (gigapascal) pressure, which will be used for studies of Earth and planetary crustal and upper mantle environments.

In this Town Hall, the FORCE team will provide update on progress with establishing the facility. In addition, we seek comments, suggestions and ideas from the high-pressure community for possible research directions in the future. We invite graduate students, postdocs, early career scientists, as well as senior experts in the field, to attend this important meeting which will impact US high pressure experimental science in coming decades. If you are interested in giving a short presentation on your suggestions or ideas in the Town Hall, please contact Dan Shim (


10:00-10:05am Welcome (Shim)

10:05-10:15am Introduction to FORCE (Leinenweber)

10:15-10:25am Related facilities at ASU (Sharp)

10:25-11:45am Short presentations and Open discussion

11:45-12:00pm Summary


NSF award information on FORCE


Materials analytical facility at ASU

Materials of the Universe (MOTU) center at ASU

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